Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the flashing circuitry?

A: The flasher is incorporated into the LED.

Q: Why do some of the kits have a switch and some do not?

A: Many people asked if we sold them with a switch. Because of the requests for switches, we looked at different switches and found one that we liked. It is not fancy, however it is reliable. The reason that we sell some without switches is so the user can put in any type of switch that they desire.

Q: Why not mount it on a dummy coupler?

A: We are currently looking at dummy couplers and may offer a version with a dummy coupler in the future.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: We have run tests on the CR1220 battery. We have found that it flashes continuously for 40+ hours. Because of the size differences a CR1216 battery would last fewer hours and the CR1235 battery would last longer than the CR1220 battery. We have readily found the batteries at drug stores or Radio Shack type of stores. The batteries that come with the ulf-3 are standard AAA batteries and are rated at 700 hours.

Q: What scales of model trains do people buy them for?

A: We have found most people who have purchased GATR Works ultraliteFreds purchased them for N and HO scale trains. Though we have had people purchase them for O and G scale.

Q: Can they be used for other things?

A: Yes. When we go to train shows, we have had people tell us that they are buying them to use as flashing beacons on top of a radio towers, to put in cop cars and to place them at the end of cabooses.

Q: Can they be painted?

A: Yes, they can be painted. We have painted some ultralite FREDS and tested them to make sure that they still work, which they did. We recommend painting multiple coats of polly scale paint.

Q: What about the ulf-2, why is this the last run?

A: When we created the ulf-2, we thought that they would sell well. With the battery life rated at 350 hours and its ability to fit in a N scale box car, we thought that it would be the answer to N scalers desire for a longer lasting battery. I guess we were wrong. Due to lack of sales, this item is being phased out, so get them while you can.

Q: What are your its made up of?

A: While with many fred kits you have to buy multiply pieces just to make it work, our ultraliteFred kit comes complete. When you buy a ultraliteFred kit from GATR Works you get the led light, batteries, battery holder, switch (optional), wiring, etc. There are not extra parts to buy!

Q: Do you have to have a switch?

A: No, you do not have to put a switch in to make GATR Works ultraliteFreds work. With some cars, such as a 21' N scale ore car, there just is not room for a standard switch. To turn it off you just pop out the battery with a bent paperclip, tweezers, etc.

Q: Do you sell GATR Works ultraliteFreds in stores?

A: Yes, we are currently in 3 stores in Southern California and multiple across the country. To see a full list of our dealers click here to visit our Dealers page.