July 22, 2016

GATR Works Announces new “nanoFRED”, EOT/FRED kits with smaller prototypical LED, (.059" x .047" x .036").

GATR Works is pleased to announce the availability of the new “nanoFRED” battery powered kits with new smaller LED, (.059" x .047" x .036"). The new “nanoFRED” includes the R2 technology with new slower, 1 cycle per second blink rate!!

 The new “nanoFRED” kits include a non-blinking surface mount LED (0603 packaging). two 3 volt coin cell batteries and holders and either a slide switch or magnetically latching reed switch.

 New “nanoFRED” models available now:

        nanoFRED-R2-1                                             $22.99

        nanoFRED-R2-1rs                                          $31.99

New “nanoFRED” models available August 1st, 2016:

         nanoFRED-R2-1smt                                       $24.99

        nanoFRED-R2-1rsmt                                      $33.99

These kits are currently available in our ebay Store.

What is GATR Works?

GATR Works is a family owned business that manufacture EOT's or FRED, End Of Train devices, Flashing Red End Device for model trains specializing in "N" scale. We also install them on cars for sale on Ebay. Click the link on the right to visit our Ebay Store.The company started in Southern California in 2002. GATR without the "O" is a combination of the first initials of the the Goyette family, Greg, Audra, Theresa and Rachael. We all enjoy model trains and rail fanning in the Kansas City metro area of Missouri and making FREDs is a family endeavor.

What is a FRED/EOT? FRED stands for Flashing Red End of train Device, EOT stands for End Of Train device. In the mid 80's when the railroads stopped using cabooses, they still needed something to indicate the end of the train and so the FRED/EOT was born. It is usually attached to the coupler of the last car in the consist. In addition to having the flashing light it also has a sensor to measure brake air pressure and a radio to send the information to the engineer in the lead locomotive.

GATR Works manufactures battery powered kits that simulate the FRED/EOT on N scale model rail cars. Our kits come complete with battery, battery holder, switch and Red LED. We have blinking for modern freight cars (ulf series) as well as non blinking for older passenger cars and cabooses (cbl series)

GATR Works also has a line of FRED/EOT kits that include a DCC decoder that run off of track power.

Who Are We?

Welcome to GATR Works home page. GATR Works is a family owned and operated business. Even our name is family oriented, GATR stands for Greg (the FRED guy), Audra (graphics, photography, web work, multimedia gal), Theresa (assistant to both of us), and Rachael (chief gofer and now webmaster). Because GATR Works is a family owned business, we care about our products and we strive to make the customer happy. We test every FRED* before it is packaged and sent out. If for any reason you receive a product that does not work as advertised, just let us know. We will strive to make you, the customer happy. If you have any ideas for new products, drop us a line and let us know. We are always interested in new ideas for our little blinking lights.

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Samples of GATR Works Products






Single Caboose Light

Mounted Battery

Mounted Battery on a Wood Chip Car

Close up Fred light

Close up of a ultraliteFred